The Digital Revolution!

the digital revolution



The digital culture :

In today’s generation where Letters, postcards, Greeting cards are gaining its popularity online where they have transformed into mails, statuses or tweets and likes. They have gone down in the history as memorabilia, thanks to digitization of our lives as what we are living in today’s world is a world of paperless culture.


Children prefer playing on gadgets, rather than on a playground and people prefer shopping online. Friendship needs no longer a physical effort of going to a particular place and meeting a person, which is easy through a digital medium of many social networking sites like Facebook, twitter and many more. Connections have become virtual which makes world a small place, more like a life of convenience where everything is possible on a mere click of a button.


This might not be the best for a human race where loss of a long memory is catching its rate, where luxury is increasing laziness around people. But this development has a certain amount of its wonders aswell, one of which is business, where the world is a market and the trade can be possible with anyone at any time.


Evolution of the trade sector and change in the outlook of business:


The entire world of finance has evolved drastically today and the concept of physical money does need to exist. It’s a virtual trade where money has transformed into use mobile valets, PayPal credit cards and net banking even for a high value transaction. This has made many people’s life easier and created a world of employment and business opportunities worldwide.


Business funding is totally a different ball game today and you need an idea and finances come to your doorstep if you could convince the world to believe in you. Shares are sold and purchased, cultures and trends are set and every other thing is just a click away. International high value transaction happens in split seconds.  The concept of products has shifted from the physical need to touch, feel and smell to see it, like it and buy it.


The power to generate one’s entity: 

the digital revolution

In fact, the concept of office could soon become obsolete. In today’s world and age one need’s internet more than anything to work. Everything can happen online, where people meet, marry, exchange ideas, trade or even just get entertained. The concept of a 9 to 5 work culture is fast depleting. One could work at anytime, anywhere at his own convenience

This convenience has also brought in a culture where clarity in perspectives needs to be sought after. One could either be a follower who need not generate an opinion of himself or one could stand alone and talk about what he actually feels.


This sets a world of no set pattern and an ambiguous structure for any particular thing to become popular. This also constructs a healthy world of competition as any individual could try his luck at what he really wants to bank on or develop without the fear of being pushed or conquered.


The process of a building a digital entity:


One could just start by presenting his thoughts on a social networking site. People who relate to or like the thought will help in generating a response to that thought.


This will help the person understand his lacunas and help him convince or get convinced and proceed towards what he wants to get closer to also by generating an audience to it. This will also help him understand his shortcomings and could also help in building a gateway to get any sorts of help from the firm believers of that thought.


Which in turn is a progress from a mere thought itself towards building, what is a dream come true by generating a wave digitally, which was very difficult earlier. But again one has to stick to his principles and should not be a person of a flickering mind set which again is depends on various factors.


A support system:


The concept of crowd funding is quite similar but it need not be just a crowd funding phenomena, it could also be help offered in services, advices and so much more. Anything has been made and will be made for people and it’s not even mere subjectivity, which many people fail to understand.


Once you have said or done something it’s no more yours as it’s an interpretation of someone else and the popularity and majority of a particular interpretation would define it. Hence at Flick frame we believe that if one wants a real connect, growth or popularity of one’s entity or an organisation worldwide, it should be shared, promoted and increase its reach everywhere so that it could be received well and understood better.


This shows how future would be about creating a world with infinite possibilities to grow and conquer will need no support rather will be able to generate it independently at every level with this growing success story of a digital culture.


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