Script your own success story!

Script your own scccess


Scripting a document

Scripting involves the process of ideas put on a piece of paper giving it a meaning and sharing perspective with factual or hypothetical piece of information.

Write the right thing

What’s right or wrong? How does one decide??

Right or wrong depends on what you are you planning to pen down on a piece of paper. It also depends on what does one want to state in his piece of information that he is about to write.

It depends on the topic, depends on the genre, fiction, nonfiction and there also comes in many areas of how much information one wants to reveal or hide in his article. It also depends upon what is the need of the hour.

One can write pages and pages of information without having a fixed goal or agenda, but is that what he is looking for?? Or he is looking to give a short and sweet description?? Or does he have a word limit. These are the questions one has to keep in mind to understand before one is trying to write anything, which basically defines the need.

After understanding the need, we come to putting across the information in the right manner, by which we mean the structure or pattern that one needs to follow. Once the structure is clear it opens up paths to fill in different spaces of what has to be written. One has to also understand how to strike a balance between over explaining something and under explaining something which is a relative and subjective part and the core to write anything.

Once all of this is sorted, it’s the grammar which is the quintessential thing in the process of writing, which one has to keep in mind while putting across thoughts, ideas or facts, to have a clear reception. Many people just think that putting across information is very important, but they fail to realize that grammar is what constructs the right meaning, and gives the optimum clarity of thought in the delivery of their message.

Then comes in the way it is written. This is the final and a very important aspect one has develop a style if he or she wants to write the right thing. It involves choice of words, phrases, the way you frame your sentences, which also decides how clear you are in your thought process and how much you are able to blend your thoughts into right words of admiration.

Scripting the story of success

Scripting your own success

Success story in the process of writing, is not just being able to put across your message; it is also about being able to engage the reader to the fullest. It is an art which comes with a lot of practice, practice and lots of practice…..

Writing is all about rewriting, till you yourself are able to relate to it and are able to derive the need or required emotion from it. Once you are successful in doing it, you will be able to create an audience for your writing again depending on people’s taste and vocabulary. If you have a small audience, it’s not necessary that it has to just be that, it could also be that your exposure is not just much and that you have not been able to develop to a certain level in your writing skills. Hence to develop it to such a scale one has to keep writing and also nourish and enrich his reading skills, which will help increase the vocabulary and also increase the audience.

Ah before we forget, Scripting also tends to attain a success story when it is able to connect to a target audience it is written for where also the language and level of language is very important. In this regard nothing really matters. Fiction, Nonfiction everything has to follow this thumb rule to make it a success story. Well when it is done commercially and also has a commercial value attached to it then it becomes very necessary to follow guidelines and still be able to achieve perfection in delivering a thought or an entire message.

Here at flick frame also we make sure, when we write scripts they create a standard in its own way for any particular deliverable that needs to process. We ideate and make sure that we establish the right connect while scripting any piece of work that we create, for it to be of the optimum use of the client.

All the above things are the different things one needs to keep in mind, but also it’s about how one also learns to develop a knack of bringing out a clear communication of his thoughts while writing a script. As the level of clarity builds up a new success story emerges and a new story to tell.



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