Lights…Mobile Camera….Action!

how to shoot a film?

In today’s world it’s not difficult to shoot a film. One does not require great budgets of a big camera to shoot something. One can easily transform his stories even with a video camera of a mobile phone. It’s possible, but the point is it’s not about making a film, but making it well. So we at flick frame have some ideas which could give your storytelling skills a professional edge.

Here are a few things to follow once you’re done scripting your story.

Firstly one has to keep in mind that while shooting one has to keep his hand stable , then check the light source and finally we can proceed with ‘Lights, Camera and Action…’

The Art of Balance and movement:

As stated earlier it’s very important to keep your hand steady while shooting to make your shots look great and also to minimize the shaky camera effects that brings an amateur feel to your film. Once you are able to steady your hand, you look at the frame that you wish to compose. It’s not just about the subject you would want to shoot , one needs to check the entire frame if it is set in a proper way and only then you press the record button.

Once you start shooting, you make sure that you make sure that your elbows are tucked in tight – close to your body. Your knees should be slightly bent and your feet should be shoulder width apart. Take light, slow breaths and always hold the camera with both hands. You can also lean against a wall, tree or anything stable to get some back support. You can also set you phone down on something solid and flat – like a table and use it as a tripod.

All these postures and different support system help you in stability and even the breathing part is very important as if you are able to stabile your inhale and exhale time your body tends to make a minimum movement.

Next one has to understand the tilt movements where one has to understand how to get a smooth pan or tilt to capture an object in motion. When you are panning remember to do it as slow as possible to avoid the strobe effect and also make sure you are not covering the lens.

Framing it right:

Always remember whenever you are shooting keep the camera in the horizontal position to get a proper frame. It is also important to shoot it in that particular way to get the right shooting resolution which is a basic thumb rule while shooting.

One other important aspect one should consider while shooting is that one should never keep his subject in the centre of his frame. The subject should be placed at one third of in the right or left or the frame depending on the where the character is looking at, or what seems nice. The right or left placement is quite subjective. This also gives a great perspective to your picture.

Proper use of light:

When shooting outside always make sure subject is facing the light source (Not necessary in the direction, but towards the light) which could be the sun if you are shooting in the day night try to shoot where you could use torches of headlights etc. This helps you see the subject better and also it gives a very good feel if and only if you aren’t trying to experiment with horror, crime or a dark subject.

Well, If you don’t want subject to face light for some reason then use a big sheet of white paper or a card board, ask your friend to hold it by aiming at the subject to reflect light on subject and fill in the shadows. So that you create certain amount of light for kind of a fill light or for the camera to register a better video.

Weave a Story:

how to shoot a film from mobile?

Now once you are done shooting you should compile all the footage together and edit it. In today’s day and age there are many video editing applications available on your mobile phone. Or you could use I – movies if you are an apple user or else windows movie maker for windows users which are completely free.

Editing is very simple, you can remove shots and takes that are not good, add some video transition effects and underlay some good music – and you’re good to go. At least it would help you tell your story the way you would like to see it.

Don’t forget to plan your shoots well in advance, and always keep a backup in case of emergencies or bad weather. A good director is all about good planning with proper execution to crack great stories. These were a few shooting tips from our end. Have fun shooting and keep making movies.

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