Lights…Mobile Camera….Action!

how to shoot a film?

In today’s world it’s not difficult to shoot a film. One does not require great budgets of a big camera to shoot something. One can easily transform his stories even with a video camera of a mobile phone. It’s possible, but the point is it’s not about making a film, but making it well. So…

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The Digital Revolution!

the digital revolution

    The digital culture : In today’s generation where Letters, postcards, Greeting cards are gaining its popularity online where they have transformed into mails, statuses or tweets and likes. They have gone down in the history as memorabilia, thanks to digitization of our lives as what we are living in today’s world is a…

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Script your own success story!

Script your own scccess

  Scripting a document Scripting involves the process of ideas put on a piece of paper giving it a meaning and sharing perspective with factual or hypothetical piece of information. Write the right thing What’s right or wrong? How does one decide?? Right or wrong depends on what you are you planning to pen down…

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